Friday, May 15, 2009

Celebrity Read Aloud @ Oak Street Elementary School

In the photo above from left to right: Jorge Pallo, me, Haley Ramm, and Sam Jones III

On May 12, the Jamestown Project co-sponsored a Celebrity Read Aloud event in conjunction with the Stephanie Starks Hope Foundation. The event took place at Oak Street Elementary School and featured a literacy pep rally and a mass book donation for hundreds of students! The children were wowed by:

- Jorge Pallo of Secret Lives of the American Teenager (

- Haley Ramm of iCarly; Ben 10: Race Against Time; and Skateland (

- Sam Jones III - Smallville (

The Jamestown Project donated 100 copies of I Dream for You a World to the Stephanie Starks Hope Foundation in connection with this event and in an effort to promote child civic engagement. Haley Ramm who plays Missy on iCarly read this book to the students. Jorge Pallo read I Am Barack Obama.

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